WH25: Riding the EatMeOut Bus With Rill, Mostly

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LENGTH: 14:20

Rill’s may neglect U but it don’t got 2B a 2way ST! Shes bashin her head against the goddamn radiator! Inside-EMO, Ridin the bus, oralface expelling turds, wanda’s a whore, madge is drunk & postin 30sec shows w/25sec ads, & rill is beautiful.206-666-LYPS!

Distorted View
Yeast Radio
Cheryl’s “myspace” Page

10 thoughts on “WH25: Riding the EatMeOut Bus With Rill, Mostly

  1. See, that be turd easy…. and don’t whoresplain why ppl don’t be participating anyways. Remember–it don’t gots to be a 2 way streek. blowkay? You gotta continue to show the love even if I am stuck in my tanning bed for a week and don’t post in the inturdnets. cumoon.

  2. I kind of agree with both of you. If Cheryl would post more shows we’d have more content to comment on, but if only a few people comment on the shows she does produce it’s only fair if she feels the audience doesn’t really care or is too lazy to participate so why should she?

  3. hey cheryl. i’m a long time listenturd but first time commenturd, and i just wanturd to tell you how much your show makes my pussy squirt period-blood even when i’m not on the rag! i love turd smoke too, maybe we can grab a carton turdgether sometime! besos negros!

  4. I live right by the homeless shelter, hon-aye. So when I ride the bus, it’s always full of bums and hobos. Or, “transiturds” as they call ‘em ’round here. Blowkay?

  5. Hey Rill, I’m sorry that you’ve been neglected. This is my first time commenting and I would have done it sooner, but life’s been busy for me. I promise you that I will do my best to comment on your shows. I hope you and your daycare are doing ok. Take care honAYE!

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