6 thoughts on “WH-MiniGRUM Post XMas

  1. Naids a new pudcast! . Speaking of tuna feesh…lord I wish you’d do a grum with Lady Raptastic again!

  2. I’m so happy Cheryl gave us an opportunity to hear about her beautiful xmas from her beautiful self. Her xmas was surely better than mine. I gotta say I know about marinating in my own filth, too and sometimes I just use my old diapers because I don’t feel like going to the store to buy them. Because I figure you know, I ain’t fucking anyone so what difference does it make. I might as well enjoy the freedom to steep in my own filth. I think Cheryl once wrote a song about pooping in your diapers and I did take her advice. I started to poop in my diapers and found that it sure beat the hell out of watching Law and Order. But on a different note, I think Cheryl would make a good judge of Rupaul’s hag race. Maybe she could call Ru and tell her that, owing to her years and years and years of experience as being a woman, she would be an excellent judge of the homos in sundresses and plastic boobs.

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