WH71: Cheryl LOVES Tropical Vacations

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LENGTH: 27:35
GUESTS:April & Louis Simmons At Tropical Travel, Lady Raptastic, etc.
Listenturd Aaron gets tons of faxes at work about CHEAP vacations so I called to claim my 99 dollar vacation. Hilarity ensues. Plus, craigslyst ads, ladyrap, NELL, and more. WERK THIS 206-666-LYPS.


25 thoughts on “WH71: Cheryl LOVES Tropical Vacations

  1. Madge is great at licking out Depends so they can be recycled.

    Solve your Depends worries and take her on the 2-for-1 holiday, Ms. Merkowski.

  2. I like how Louis was aggressively trying to sell you the thing so to cool his ass down you start hitting on him. Nice.

  3. Oh, honoon! I SHIT myself when you started babblin’ like that retard Nell! C’mooon, work that retard, Nell!!!!!!!!!

  4. yes — i agree, the Nell bit was an unexpected treat!

    Tay in na win, tay in na win!

  5. Woo-woo-woo-woo. Luis’s voice was very sexy, and he was so aggressive; I bet that transfers to the bedroom, too.

    I had no idea that they were a non-for-profit org. Their profit is just hearing how you and your loved ones have a good time on their trips. It’s good to see that such great people are out there faxing wonderful deals like this to unsuspecting office workers. Your pleasure is their profit.

  6. HA. Such good points and put so eloquently! You have exposed the truth, and it burns. Lapsey.

  7. Lovie,

    Normally I find prank phone calls as funny as a rectal with a broken coke bottle, but this one was perfect. Anytime you out fuck the fuckers it is fantastic.

    Oh…and I DON’T hate you.

    C’moooon kisses,

  8. Coming from yew, that is very nice. I whore-preciate it… though I still think you are a complete whore. LYUPS.

  9. i just heard you mention Allsion (the can sucker) on the Yeast! she’s my second favorite Intervention star ever (Christy, the alcoholic meth-head stripper will be hard to dethrone). i still can’t shake the hauntingly hilarious images of her sucking on those cans.


  10. I’m a new listener of your progrum and I’m just gobbling them up like candy. Can’t wait for the the newest installment.

    Oh! and I thought you might like to jerk it.

  11. That was so wonderful.
    Ha, if you listen closely at 25:26, you can hear Louis say “she ain’t buying nothing” to a coworker. Maybe you should ask him out on a date again.

  12. oh! that’s a great summation of Allison’s amazingness! this one is pretty good too.

    here’s one of Christy’s finest moments if you’ve never seen her:

    her intervention was pretty awesome. she just laughed at everyone the whole time and told her whole family that they were just jealous because she was on a permanent good one that they would never experience!!!1 then, when her step-brother tried to restrain her, one of her drawn-on eyebrows got smudged :)

  13. AH! I accidentally went to http://www.whorehole.com/. It’s a totally different site, and I was shocked when the first thing that popped up was a preteengirl, pressing her boobs together. The first thought in my mind was, “That’s not Cheryl!” Cheryl’s supposed to be all tan and smokey.

  14. Oh Cheryl, yur prank callz just keep gettin beturd and beturd! Love the bits in between
    too! Don’t be hatin on Vera, she’s just a whore
    trying to make a buck. Work the Thang Ba-bee!!!!!!!

  15. haha my captcha is “shart”!

    feast of fools visited my city lately, and when i asked if they knew you, fausto got very snippy, which makes me love you even more! work the thang, honaye!

  16. Planning to do any more shows before the end of the world? =o)

    Maybe it’s hard to call pplz with your lapse stuck in the wheels of your hoveround.

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